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jeudi, janvier 03, 2013


From our partner oneworldworks(

 Oneworld Works, a Venice, CA based NGO is pleased to announce that Brandon Kornelson a resident of Cobble Hill, BC VOR is leaving from Hebron Israel where he has been volunteering with a group called Christian Peacemaking Team for Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

In the DRC, he will be volunteering with our partner Espoir Pour Tous a Kinshasa based NGO that operates a Street School for former child soldiers and street kids.
He will be teaching art, English and organizing sports activities.

Brandon is a 2010 graduate of Frances Kelsey Secondary.
His Volunteer activities and Community Service includes in 2012 volunteering with a group called “Christian Peacemaking Team” in Palestine.
In 2011 he served a four month internship (August-December 2011) with the missionary organization, ‘Word Made Flesh’ working among the poorest of the poor in Sierra Leone, in the slums, with street kids, X-child soldiers, drug users, etc.
He was also a Volunteer Leader with the youth organization “Young Life”, where he served as Mentor and role model to kids, helping them to develop relationships and fill a ‘Big Brother’ role.
In 2010 from December 6-16 Brandon and a team of guys raised money for a school to be built in Haiti, and then traveled to Haiti to put our funds in the right place and assist in building the school.
From Sept 1st to Oct 26th, 2010, he volunteered with an NGO called
YOFAFO in Uganda at a rural village school teaching Art classes to
promote Creativity. He also assisted with a micro-finance program.
In March 2010 he traveled to Tijuana Mexico with Cowichan Younglife
to build a home for a local Mexican family, supply local students with 
school supplies, and hang out/play with orphans.

At home in Vancouver he volunteered occasionally with a group 
called C.A.R.T.S helping the homeless in Victoria, BC.
Brandon will be writing a blog from Kinshasa on the Oneworld Works 
If you would like to support the street children in the DRC, please 
send donations by way of Pay pal to
For Questions or more information: Contact Ira Simmons @ Telephone: 310-572-1090

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